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You’re a Doctor Forever. But That Shouldn’t Mean You Have to Work That Long. 

The health industry has changed — dramatically. Longer hours, lower or limited income and exhaustive demands of physicians’ time, energy and resources. The keys to your success as a doctor — intelligence, drive, ambition and unflagging persistence — are being undermined by the system. Working harder is no longer the answer to building personal wealth.

Change Your Strategy

A Physician-Focused Firm

It's time to change your strategy to building personal wealth.

Not so you can continue working harder for less money, but so you can ultimately leave your profession with more than you have now. We help you accomplish this through:

Logical evaluation

We’ll walk you through, step by step, the reasoning behind every financial decision so you can feel confident in the choices you make for both you and your family.



Nothing we do is “just because.” From income tax planning to risk management, our recommendations are designed to fulfill your unique needs and goals.

Data-driven decisions

Everything we do is based on real-world evidence of what has been proven to work. With this data, we're able to pinpoint areas with potential for growth, as well as opportunity.

It Took Everything You Had to Establish Yourself as a Doctor. It Should Not Take Everything You Have to Build Your Personal Wealth.

We understand how you think and the challenges you're up against. We'll help you navigate them so you can grow the wealth you’re entitled to.

We Specialize in Financial Advice 

for Physicians.  

Providing insight, support and unparalleled recommendations on how you can maximize your earnings and cultivate more wealth.

Get to Know Our Founder & CEO

Chris J. Roe, CPA, PFS Photo

Chris J. Roe, CPA, PFS

Founder & CEO

Before founding Rx Wealth Advisors, I wanted to become a physician, but my career path led me in a different direction. During my years advising clients, I discovered that I enjoy guiding doctors as they navigate the ever-changing health industry. With over 20 years of experience working with a wide range of clients, I’ve now shifted my focus to helping physicians capitalize on their background and experience as pressure from litigation, Medicare and insurance rises.

My journey began at Ernst & Young, a regional CPA firm, where I consulted clients on business and personal income tax planning, gift and estate tax, financial planning and more. After that, I spent over 16 years at Waldron Private Wealth, where I advised doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, multi-generational inheritors and their families on complex wealth issues.

When I’m not meeting with my clients, I provide educational insight by speaking at industry conferences, contribute to The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Barron’s, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Financial Advisor Magazine, volunteer at The Bradley Center (a residential mental health treatment facility for children), and serve on the Washington County Habitat for Humanity board of directors.

What Sets Us Apart

One of the many reasons we enjoy working with physicians is because we tend to think like them. We are logical, analysis-driven thinkers focused on using facts to make every decision. Our clients choose to work with us because we believe:

Wealth, like health, is both a science and an art.

We understand that between diagnosis and intervention, there is a grey area — that’s where critical decision-making comes in. This applies to both medicine and money. There is an art to what you and we do; the decisions we help you make will always be catered to your unique needs and situation. Through the Rx Wealth Plan, we're able to bridge the gap between science and art by providing you with defined strategies to turn your wealth into life-long opportunities.

Client Experience Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors

Advice Goes Both Ways Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors

Advice goes both ways.

We will never advise you to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. We invest our money in the same models we recommend to you, providing us with insight we then apply to your unique goals and situation.

You get what you pay for Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors

You get what you pay for.

When you work with us, you’re making an investment in your future. That’s why we focus on delivering value — tangible next steps to achieve your goals and strategic guidance to ensure consistent progress is made.

Your needs come first Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors

Your needs come first.

While there is always more than one way to accomplish the same goal, we recommend the solutions that make the most sense for you — not us — by analyzing every angle to deliver sound, objective advice tailored to you.

How We Approach the Market

If you like picking investments and trying to beat the market, ask Google. If you want real-world investment advice on how to grow your wealth — ask us.

Our investment philosophy is rooted in three core principles:

Disciplined approach

Through financial science and heavily-research academic models, we’re able to uncover — and utilize — your wealth’s long-term potential.

No wild guesses

Instead of spending our time guessing which customized portfolio or “hot” stock will outperform, we allow the markets to work for you.

Simple math

We determine the return necessary to achieve your goals, then we use that number to formulate your optimal risk tolerance.

How We Do It

Discovery Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors


Based on your Rx Wealth Plan, we’ll apply our scientific process  — based on heavily-researched academic models — to determine the return and risk tolerance necessary to get you to where you want to be.

Development Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors


Next, we’ll translate these numbers into strategies to fulfill your needs — aligning your optimal return and risk tolerance with a well-diversified investment portfolio that mirrors our Rx Wealth Plan recommendations.

Implementation Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors


After that, we’ll execute our investment strategy and recommendations while continuously monitoring your progress and making adjustments as fluctuations in the market occur.

Our Code of Ethics

We’re product agnostic.

We aren’t partial to any single product, and we don’t think you need to be either. We don’t believe in pushing a product just to sell it, so you can rest assured we won’t.

We aren’t money managers, market pundits or fortune tellers.

Anyone who thinks they can tell you which way the market will go also probably has a bridge to sell you. We can’t give you the future today, but we can help you plan for it.

We don’t traffic in guesswork.

We think it’s a bad idea to base big decisions on wild guesses. We don’t run our investments that way, and we won’t run yours that way either. We rely on heavily-researched academic models to make our recommendations.

Be wary of buzzwords (especially “customization”).

This term is misleading, if you ask us. We know that your situation isn’t like anyone else’s; however, there’s no proven benefit to customizing financial models. So we don’t use them. Instead, we opt for proven models to suit your individual needs.

We put skin in the game.

We walk our talk, which means we don’t advise you to do anything we’re not doing.

We believe you get what you pay for.

We don’t put much stock in “free” advice. And we advise you to do the same. That’s why we are only paid by you for our services. This removes any conflict of interest or shred of doubt that we make anything but the right recommendations for you.

You don’t have to be wealthy to be serious about growing your wealth.

Do we only work with super rich folks? Nope. We work with professionals at all stages and phases of their career and financial life. Because when it comes to growing wealth, it’s not just about cash — but rather potential.

Serve the person, serve the wealth.

Your wealth is an extension of you; it’s a resource. The best advice doesn’t just serve your money — it supports your well-being and mindset. So, any decisions we make are less about shear market numbers, and more about what you can and want to live with and for.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You’d rather ward off a disease than try to cure one, right? That’s how we see the health of your money, too. We use prevention measures to ensure your wealth can thrive.

Wealth, like health, is a science and an art.

Between the diagnosis and the medical intervention, there is a grey area — that’s where critical decision-making comes in. The same goes for your money. We can’t guarantee any one outcome any more than you can guarantee a patient perfect health. There is an art to what you, and we, do, and that means that the decisions we make together will be different for you than for anyone else. The only "right" decision is the one that works for you.

Want to challenge us? Go for it.

That’s one of our perks of working with educated professionals — they come with their own thoughts, their own research and thought-out questions. We take no offense to the issues or concerns you want to raise and are happy to have an intelligent discussion with you about how this can work for you.

We know a lot; we don’t claim to know everything.

We know quite a bit about our industry and outcomes — but, like you, we’re always learning, and striving, to stay abreast of what’s happening so we can provide the best results for you and the people who matter most.

Opinions are overrated.

When it comes down to it, what we think about what’s happening pales in the face of what actually is. So, we give financial advice based on reality in order to identify how to leverage what’s really happening to your benefit. We’d rather support your prospects than our opinions.

What We Offer

The Rx Wealth Plan

Your Prescription for Success.

We provide you with a detailed roadmap into the steps necessary to achieve your financial goals.

What You Need to Know Pittsburgh, PA Rx Wealth Advisors

What You Need to Know

Wealth doesn’t just require money — it requires discipline. If there is one thing you have mastered as a physician, it's a healthy respect for the rules.

Wealth is not something you wing. You achieve it the same way you achieve everything else: an assessment of data, logical and unemotional evaluation, educated insight and critical decision-making.

In order to accomplish this, we have a specific process that helps us identify who we can help and how we can best serve them. Rather than offer “free” advice and then a heavy-pressure close, we charge a flat fee for a standalone plan that takes into account your current finances and assets.

Learn About Our Process

What to Expect

During the creation of your Rx Wealth Plan.

Getting to know you

Everyone’s situation is unique. That’s why we always start with your “why”: what’s most important to you, as well as what drives you to make certain financial decisions.

Recommendations & steps

Based on our conversation, we’ll create a roadmap for you to achieve your goals and fulfill your needs in areas such as cash flow, taxes, retirement, investments, insurance and estate planning.

Ongoing infrastructure support

Once you have a clear understanding of the journey ahead, we’ll let you know exactly how we will implement our recommendations and support you as you make important financial decisions.

Open communication & collaboration

Throughout the implementation of your Rx Wealth Plan, we will sit down and discuss every possibility and opportunity and then compile ways to bring these outcomes to life.

Rationale behind every decision

During this process, we’ll explain the art and science behind our recommendations — all the data we reference, how we assess it in an unemotional and logical way, our educated insight and the critical decision-making that takes place.


View Our Fees

You Help People For a Living. 

Now let us help you.

Tax Management

We’ll prep and plan ahead so you feel good once tax season rolls around. Our tax reporting system will identify savings so you hold on to as much money as possible.

Investment Management

From bonds to real estate, we’ll outline every asset and goal to help make sure the things you own align with the things you want. 

Financial Planning

Whether you have a current financial plan or are starting one from scratch, we’ll take a look at all relevant factors and create a strategy specific to you and your needs.


A thorough review of your existing policies followed by a revised coverage plan will provide you with peace of mind as you mature in your medical career.

We Are Only Paid by You. No One Else.

This means that everything we suggest serves to benefit you, and you only. Our sole motivation is your success — not a commission.

What It Costs:

Rx Wealth Plan

The one-time investment for this service is $3,500, and, if you choose to work with us, we will credit this initial investment toward your first-year fee. If your Rx Wealth Plan does not provide more than $3,500 worth of value, we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

Ongoing Services

We charge an annual advisory fee that ranges from $5,000 to $15,000 based on your situation, the amount of work required and our ability to provide value. This fee includes advice, implementation and management and/or monitoring of all of your investments up to $1 million. Investment assets over $1 million will be managed or monitored for a fee of .85 percent.

Get in Touch Today

It Took Everything You Had to Establish Yourself as a Doctor. It Shouldn’t Take Everything You Have to Keep Going.

We understand the challenges you're up against and can help you navigate them so you grow the wealth you're entitled to.

A Medical Practice is Earned.

You spend years studying before you ever lay a hand on a patient. You’re not about to let just anyone touch your money. We get it. That’s why you can rest assured that we, too, have trained hard in our practice. This is not our first rodeo. 

Let’s get started in helping you keep more money in your pocket and live the life you deserve. Call us, send us an email or fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you.

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